Real Ear Measurement

Speech mapping is a type of real ear measurement that verifies that your hearing aids are fit and programmed correctly for your type and degree of hearing loss.

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Have you ever met anyone, (or even yourself experienced), that were fitted with hearing aids, but never felt comfortable with the devices and ended up not wearing them. Often they feel that they still experience hearing difficulties even using the hearing aids.

In many cases, these difficulties are still there, because the hearing aids were simple set to the manufacturer’s targets. Individual ear canal characteristics and lifestyle aspects were not taken into account. At our practice, we consider these important aspects to ensure you are comfortable with your hearing devices and also experiencing sufficient improvements in your daily living.

In our clinics, by using real ear measurements know as “live speech mapping”, we are able to ensure an optimized fit for every patient, every time. You can have peace of mind that the technology you are investing in will be custom-tuned to your ears and your hearing.

Best Practice Hearing Aid Fitting

Speech mapping is a type of real ear measurement that verifies that your hearing aids are fit and programmed correctly for your type and degree of hearing loss.

With this method, small microphones are placed in your ears with and without your hearing aids, and calibrated sounds are played. This allows your audiologist to measure the unique acoustics of your ear canal. Then speech sounds are played at different volume levels with the hearing aids in your ears, and adjustments are made to the programming of the hearing aids to ensure you are hearing appropriately for soft, medium, and loud sounds.

Your hearing care professional will have high-tech equipment that will allow him or her to “see” what you are hearing through your hearing aids on a screen in real-time.

Benefits Of Real Ear Measurements

Imagine going for an eye test and when you get there, the optician says that rather than testing your vision and then selecting the correct glasses based on those results, you can simply select a pair from a pile of glasses on the table. Would you do that, feeling that it was the best option for you?

This is often what happens with hearing aid fittings, when verification is not done. The audiologist would then simple do the fitting based on the manufacturers targets, without taking your unique ear canal characteristics into account. Adjustments would be made, based on your perception of the sound. The problem with using only your perception, is that your perception may not be accurate as you have gotten used to not hearing many sounds as they should be heard, due to the hearing loss.

With verification, the guessing is removed from the hearing aid fitting. Hearing aids can be fitted with 100% accuracy every time and you don’t have to wonder whether you’ve made the correct lifestyle investment.

The Reality Is, Hearing Aids Are Only As Good As The Quality Of Their Programming.

If you have a hearing loss, you may not be able to fully understand what you can and cannot hear, and therefore, you may not understand everything you are missing. With speech mapping, you will have the ability to hear the improvements immediately.

Benefits of Real Ear Measurement:

  • Ensures that your hearing is optimized to your prescription with hearing aids
  • Guarantees that you're getting the most out of your hearing aids
  • Increases the success rate and satisfaction of new hearing aid fittings
  • Improves your confidence that you've made a great investment in hearing treatment
  • Provides an accurate prescription with your hearing aids
  • Reduces the number of times you need to come back for follow up visits