What Makes Us Different

From audiology best practice, to verification and family centred hearing care, learn why Experience Hearing should be your hearing care provider of choice.

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At Experience Hearing, we believe that hearing care should be integrated, family centred care.

At our practice, you will be seen by a HPCSA registered audiologist, who only has your best interests at heart. From the initial testing consultation, right through to the required rehabilitation programme, the audiologist will guide you, answer your questions and ensure that those important to your care and interaction also understand your unique hearing needs.
We are an independently owned private practice. This means we are able to fit hearing aids from any major hearing aid manufacturer, based on what is best for your lifestyle, hearing loss, and budget.

Best Practice Hearing Aid Fitting

A Scientific Approach to Custom Hearing Aid Programming

Not all hearing practices in South Africa use real ear measurements when fitting hearing aids. Without this important test, your hearing aid fitting is simple a calculated ‘guess’ and could be improved.

Data shows that, on average, patients fit with hearing aids without real ear testing are "under-prescribed", meaning they don't hear the sounds they should be with amplification.

For this reason, we complete real ear measurement on EVERY hearing aid fitting. That means you are guaranteed to get the best possible results from the devices you've purchased.

Hearing aids are complex and delicate electrical devices that are worn in your ears for 12 hours a day or more. That's why we provide a structured follow-up care program with the purchase of hearing aids. That includes device cleaning and testing twice a year. We also re-test your hearing annually and update your hearing aid prescription if your hearing has changed.

With this structured follow-up care program, our patients are satisfied for years after their initial hearing aid purchase.