Our comprehensive testing ensures we understand the unique level of hearing loss in order to recommend the best solutions to optimize your ability to hear. Exceptional follow-up care and ongoing customer service are essential to the successful rehabilitation of hearing loss.

We work as an independent practice with the best manufacturers in order to provide you with customized hearing solutions. The most advanced fitting methods and equipment are used to make sure individuals can hear with maximum clarity. We offer a full line of assistive hearing devices, batteries and other hearing accessories. Our audiologists love what they do! We are sensitive to the needs of each and every one of our patients who depend on our knowledge, ideas and care. We develop treatment plans that help people hear, understand and experience more of life’s richness.

We also offer demo hearing aid fittings that provide you with the chance to listen to different hearing aids and determine what you prefer.

There are two main types of hearing devices:

Behind the ear hearing aids:
The hearing aid fits discreetly behind your ear with either a tube or receiver wire leading into your ear canal. The most recent trend is to match the colour of your hearing aids to your hair colour, resulting in a neat and sophisticated look. As BTE hearing aids also differ in size, style and strength it will fit most hearing losses. One of the benefits of a BTE hearing aid is that there are many rechargeable options available and most often have Bluetooth connectivity options. Most hearing aids these days can stream phone calls, videos and music directly to your ears. You also have the option to have more control over your hearing aids through an app on your phone- allowing you to make adjustments should you wish to.

Custom/In the ear hearing aids.
These hearing aids are molded to an impression of your ear canal taken by your audiologist. They fit seamlessly and comfortably into your ear- with no components behind the ear. Again there are different styles depending on the hearing aids strength and battery size. Currently there are very few rechargeable options available. In some cases, especially in the case of a completely in the canal device, the device does not have Bluetooth connectivity options- to keep it as small as possible.

Brands we supply and service: