We are only staffed by skilled Audiologists who are members of SAAA (South African Association of Audiologists) and the HPCSA (Health Professions Counsel of South Africa). We love what we do and we are sensitive to the needs of each and every one of our patients who depend on our knowledge, ideas and care. We develop treatment plans that help people hear, understand and experience more of life’s richness.

Ingrid Botha

(Director, Audiologist)

Ingrid obtained her Bachelors in Communication pathology in Speech-Language pathology and Audiology from the University of Pretoria in 2010. After completing her community service year in 2011 she started working in private practice. In 2014 she joined Archer & Mann Audiologists where she expanded her knowledge and experience in Electrophysiological and Vestibular testing. In 2018 she, bought Archer and Mann Audiologists and changed the name to Experience Hearing Audiology in 2021.

Being a family orientated person she loves how hearing connects us to people, nature and music. Creating an unforgettable experience while finding solutions to each person’s hearing needs is her passion. Finding the right solution reconnects people to things and people they love most.

Ingrid is a mom of two girls and loves having tea parties, eating mud cakes and dance around in tutus with them. She enjoys being outdoors and cannot walk past a dog without greeting it.

Corli Swanepoel


Corli obtained her Bachelors in Communication Pathology: Audiology from the University of Pretoria in 2010.  Since then, she has gained experience working in hospital-based practices and in collaboration with ENT specialists. With a passion for improving lives through better hearing and communication, Corli brings expertise, empathy, and a warm smile to every interaction. As an audiologist, she is dedicated to helping individuals of all ages rediscover the joys of clear and vibrant soundscapes.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Corli is a devoted wife and mother to a little girl, cherishing every moment spent with her family. In her leisure time, you'll often find Corli immersed in the pages of a captivating book.

Join her on the journey to better hearing– where every individual is heard, understood, and valued.

Maryna Booysen

(Practice Manager)

Maryna is our practice manager, receptionist and general ‘go-to-person’. She joined the Experience Hearing team in 2013 and has played an integral part of the team ever since. She has an outstanding knowledge of different hearing aid styles and brands and can troubleshoot almost any problem a patient may experience with their hearing aids. Maryna is firm but honest. Her loyalty stretches to the needs of her patients, family and colleques and is always willing to help, even with the most difficult tasks.

She is an active person, energized by challenges and always willing to help patients, even with the most difficult tasks. She is surely the fittest member of the team, having completed the Two Oceans marathon and her 3rd Comrades in 2022.

Lené Theunissen


Lené obtained her Bachelors in Communication pathology in Audiology from the University of Pretoria in 2017. After completing her community service she worked in private practice for two years before she joined Experience Hearing Audiology in January 2022.

Lené is uniquely qualified to support empower and encourage her clients as she herself has been wearing hearing aids since the young age of 2. This makes her client’s success a very personal achievement.

Her favourite quote by Helen Keller guides her passion to keep people connected and engaged in their every day life. "Blindness cuts us of from things but deafness cuts us off from people".

In her spare time she enjoys new experiences. She currently has 725 items on her bucket list and is always ready to add something new.